Sensitive Santa Events in Ontario

xmas cameraGetting a photo taken with Santa can be difficult for children with ASD. The waiting and sensory overload can make the experience challenging. Thankfully, several shopping malls are becoming aware of this and are offering Sensitive (or Sensory) Santa for families; private Santa sessions in a sensory-friendly environment.

Here’s a list of participating malls and organizations in Ontario.


Cambridge Centre

Carlingwood Shopping Centre/Rideau Centre

Hillcrest Mall/Upper Canada Mall/Yorkdale Mall (+ AO York event

Lansdowne Place


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. More will be added as more details become available.

Here are some social stories that may be helpful:

Visiting Santa

Christmas and Winter Holiday Activities



6 thoughts on “Sensitive Santa Events in Ontario

      1. I am involved in Autism Ontario – Hamilton Chapter. We do not know how to go about setting this up.


  1. Maybe have a sensory Santa as part of your Chapter’s Holiday Party? Have Santa is a separate room that’s calm and not too busy. Provide another quiet room for in case kids become too overwhelmed and a social story that families can use prior to the event.


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