Upcoming Happenings in Peel Region and Surrounding Area (February 2017)

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Erinoak Kids *

1) Workshops
  • Understanding Behaviour 101
In this workshop you will learn how to define behaviour, including examples of appropriate and challenging behaviour. You will learn how to apply the Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (A-B-C) Model, looking at the different functions of behaviour and general teaching strategies.
  • Steps Towards Positive Change
Once you understand why your child behaves in certain ways, you may wonder what to do next. In this workshop, you will learn what happens before an undesired behavior occurs, what to do after it occurs and how to set goals to change the behavior. We will share strategies you can use to teach your child replacement behaviours.
  • Introduction to ABA
In this workshop you will learn general facts about Applied Behavioural Analysis. We will include evidence-based strategies that you can use as you teach your child with ASD. These strategies include defining behaviours, reinforcement, task analysis, and prompting.
  • Effective Advocacy
Learn more about the key components of advocating for your child within various systems (i.e. school, community, medical), reaching out to appropriate professionals, and understanding your rights and responsibilities.
  • Sleep Solutions
This workshop is aimed at sharing information on common sleep challenges in children and provides practical sleep strategies to help you and your child sleep better.
  • One Bite At a Time
This workshop is aimed at helping you develop strategies to address eating challenges your child may have.
  • Teaching Daily Living Skills
In this workshop you will learn to use Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) strategies to teach your child daily living skills. These skills include getting dressed and personal hygiene. The strategies you will learn include prompting, chaining and shaping.
  • Visual Strategies
For caregivers of both verbal or non-verbal children looking to provide additional visual support systems in order to support the child’s communication at home, at school and in the community.
  • My Transition to Kindergarten
2) Youth Drop-in
3) Support Groups
4) Events
  • Volunteer Fair
Drop in and learn about Erinoak summer programs and how your contribution can make a difference for kids with disabilities
* For more info and to register for these events, go to - http://www.erinoakkids.ca/Event-Cal...

Autism Ontario

Feb 4 | Family Swimming (Mississauga)
Feb 4 | Star Wars Bricks4Kidz – Ages 7-13 (Oakville)
Feb 5-Mar 26 | Teen/ Young Adult Art Classes (Toronto)
Feb 7 | Parent Support Group (Brampton)
Feb 9 | Workshop: Successful Parents Happy Families – 12 Strategies for Stressful Times (Toronto)
Feb 11 | Sensory Friendly Movie: Lego Batman in 2D (Mississauga)
Feb 11 | Family Skate (Brampton)
Feb 18 | Sensory Friendly Movie: Lego Batman in 2D (Oakville)
Feb 19 | Family Swimming (Brampton)
Feb 19 | Wave Pool (Toronto)
Feb 28 | Styleability- Learn to Cut Professional Quality Haircuts (Toronto)

Kerry’s Place

Feb 6 | Adult Social Group (Brampton)
Feb 10 | PA Day Camp – Mississauga (6-10 years)
Feb 13 | Adult Social Group (Mississauga)
Feb 13 | SibShops (Mississauga)
Feb 21 | Adult Games Night (Mississauga)
Feb 27 | Adult Games Night (Brampton)

Kids Pathways Peel/CDRCP (Child Development Resource Connection Peel)

This workshop is meant to help families understand the diagnosis and become orientated to the services in Peel that are available for children and youth with ASD

Peel Behavioural Services (PBS)

This 2 part workshop is for mediators and will introduce basic techniques of behaviour management. The techniques focus on teaching new behaviours or replacement skills and reducing behaviours that are problematic.

Other Events


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