Funding Post Update

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Made a post about possible financial assistance resources some time ago and have updated it as needed. However, I neglected to add the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) which was implemented this past April. This program offers funding in the form of Childhood Budgets that can be used towards services, respite, technology. etc.

Can see that post here

However, I won’t add the OAP to that article just yet since a new program (yet another one!) is expected to be in place April 2020. But, you can access the information on the Ministry website here 

If you were already on the wait list (i.e your child was diagnosed before April 2019 and you did an intake with your regional provider), there is no need to re-apply for this program. But, if your child is recently diagnosed, then you should contact Central Intake to register.

For those unfamiliar with direct funding, handling a Childhood Budget and finding services may be daunting. Autism Ontario now has Service Navigators intended to help guide families through this process. To find a Service Navigator for your area, go here. This service, however, is not mandatory; nor is receiving a Childhood Budget contingent on utilizing this service.

Autism Ontario also has an OAP Provider List  intended to help you find a Clinical Supervisor.


ABA practitioners are NOT regulated. Also, please note Autism Ontario’s disclaimer on the OAP Provider List website:


Families are still expected to do their own due diligence when it comes to vetting providers. This previous article about finding a provider may be helpful to you.

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