Funding Updates – Childhood Budget/Interim One Time Funding, SSAH, ACSD, Passport

This post is about the recent changes that have been made to various funding programs.  Please note that there are hyperlinks.

1) Childhood Budget / Interim One Time Funding

The list of eligible and ineligible expenses is here

But, there have been updates. You can “use your funding to purchase services delivered using alternative methods, including telehealth, remote and virtual services.” (link here)

Also, it’s been made clearer what is eligible under the “Program materials and equipment related to eligible services and supports” category which includes the following:

  • indoor and outdoor sporting equipment
  • sensory equipment
  • arts and crafts materials to support a child’s clinical objectives

Link here

NOTE: The period to spend the Childhood Budget has been extended up to 18 months. But, an extension for the Interim One Time Funding has not yet been announced
Any questions may be directed to MCCSS or your Autism Ontario Service Navigator

2) SSAH / ACSD / Passport

Eligible expenses have been temporarily expanded for these programs. Go to the links below for more info.
  • SSAH – There is also an addendum. Read it here
  • ACSD
  • Passport – Read the addendum here and info from DSO (Developmental Services Ontario here)
Any questions may be directed to your regional MCCSS office or Passport agency


Family Alliance Ontario forwarded some questions to Minister Todd Smith’s office re the changes to SSAH and Passport funding. These are the responses they received.


No photo description available.
No photo description available.

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